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Clear View Wealth Advisors with

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offers Tax Planning plus...



Comprehensive or Limited-Scope

We can prepare a plan that addresses all areas of your finances or just answers the key questions on your mind. We offer help with basic cash-flow or credit issues to more involved estate and tax problems.


On-Going Support

We offer answers and help in implementing your personal plan. And we’re available to keep you on-track with periodic reviews to update your plan whether or not we directly manage your investments.


Low-Cost, Index-Based Investing

We build and manage globally diversified portfolios that are personalized to your needs and Risk Number based on index funds at a total cost that is far below the average mutual fund expense ratio.


Flexible Options

We offer a range of planning options. And we don’t require that you move your money to have us manage it. You can choose from an hourly rate, fixed-fee or asset-based rate. We offer installment billing and accept credit cards.


Rated Advisor Team

Our team consists of a network of insurance, tax and financial planning professionals including highly-rated advisors who have earned CFP®, CRPC® and AEP® professional designations.


Fee-Only & Fiduciary

We don’t sell any financial or insurance products. We are only paid by our clients. We are not affiliated with or selling anything on behalf of anyone. We only work for you and always put your interest first.

AUM FEES or Commissions

How much are you paying to have your money managed?

It could be a lot less. A lot less.

If you're working with a traditional advisor or brokerage firm, you may be paying an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee of 1% of your assets. If you're working with a broker, you may be paying trading commissions or paying higher costs for A-share mutual funds.

This can add up over time - big time.

As a true fiduciary, Clear View Wealth Advisors offers investment management with financial and tax planning based on transparent fixed-fee pricing with 0% AUM arrangements or commissions.

5.1% APY

What rate are you enjoying on idle cash?

Are your cash reserves working as hard as you? Now they can. 

What rate are you enjoying? Is it 11x the national average? It could be with our Bank Money Market Management Program.

If you're holding cash for an emergency fund or working capital or other short-term cash needs, make sure your money is making money for you.

Right now, you can earn 5.1% APY with our full FDIC-insured cash management program. Fully liquid. No fees. No minimums.

Why settle for the national average or tying up your cash in CDs?

WealthCare® Planning ...

Make Your Money Work Smarter.

Start Here to Find a Plan That Works for You


“It’s not how much you make but what you get to keep that counts. Tax planning is smart financial defense. Tax planning guarantees results.” 

- Steve Stanganelli,   CFP®, CRPC®, AEP®   

You’ve worked hard for your money. But how do you get to keep more of what you’ve earned while taxes and inflation are eating away at your investments or nest egg?

Here at Tax Wealth Network, we do more than tax preparation. We do "Fee Only" tax planning. It is the core of any financial plan. Traditional tax preparers look in the rear-view mirror and record history. We are different. We focus on looking ahead and planning so that you lower your taxes, build wealth, and improve your cash flow. You can start now. We develop solid financial plans for you including:

  • Fee Only Financial Planning
  • Fee Only Tax Planning
  • Fee Only Estate Planning
  • Fee Only Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • and Fee Only College Planning, and more...

"If you’re looking for a trusted advisor who upholds a fiduciary standard, putting your needs first and provides objective advice not tied to the sale of an investment or insurance product, then you’ve come to the right place.” - Steve Stanganelli, NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor


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Are you confident you’re taking advantage of every tax break you deserve?

Are you confident you’re taking advantage of every tax break you deserve?

The world is full of tax preparers who can put the “right” numbers in the right boxes on the right forms by the right deadlines. But what are they doing to make sure you get all the breaks you deserve? When was the last time your tax preparer came to you and said “here’s an idea I think will save you money?”

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Are you confident you’re taking advantage of every tax break you deserve?

Smarter Money Moves

Tax Wealth Network’s advanced, IRS-tested strategies have preserved, diversified, or maximized client wealth by using the tax code to maximum advantage.

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Sale of Four-Family Investment Property in Somerville, MA

Faced with a huge gain on the sale of a long-held property, this client was able to reduce a $200,000 tax bill and have more money to invest for retirement.

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Sale of Mixed-Use Commercial Property in Downtown NYC

This client saved more than $500,000 in taxes and diversified from a single-tenant Class B property to become a fractional owner in multiple properties with Fortune 500 tenants and more money to invest.

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Sale of Medical Practice Assets in CA

A successful medical practice owner faced a 40% effective tax rate on the sale of her business. With tax planning, the practice owner reduced the first-year tax bill by almost $1.8M which increased what was able to be reinvested to replace her previous six-figure income.

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Sale of Non-Traded Stock in Mid-Stage Start-Up

A hi-tech marketing manager for a startup business received low-cost stock options and faced a huge increase in taxable income if the options were exercised. With proper tax planning, the client was advised on how to position his equity compensation grants to exercise them and receive tax-free income which would help fund his children’s college education and his retirement.

How Tax Planning Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Tax Planning Is the Key to Improve Your Bottom Line.

Are You a Real Estate Agent?

Are You a Business Owner?

Are You a Business Broker?

Are You an Investment Property Owner?

Benefits of a Tax-Efficient Distribution Strategy