MarketFlex Investment Plan

MarketFlex Investment Plan

MarketFlex Investment Plan

We offer a range of ongoing and periodic investment advisory services that may be tailored to your needs and any specific investment restrictions you request.

MarketFlex Investment Program - Advisor-Directed Discretionary Management:

We offer on-going management of your portfolio that includes monitoring, rebalancing, and trading to implement a program that aligns with your personal Risk Number and goals. 

We focus on building global diverse, tax-efficient portfolios. MarketFlex Portfolios are structured with an integrated "Core/Satellite" approach based on a core of low-cost index mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and "satellite" positions in non-traditional bond funds, high-dividend Closed-End Funds (CEFs), and liquid alternatives in commodities, real estate, private equity and private credit.

Fees for investment services for new clients are not based on the typical percentage of assets managed. We offer clear, fixed-fee pricing for a full year of investment management services and can include a range of financial planning services. For more details, refer to the current year Firm Brochure in Item 5 beginning on page 13.

Our investment approach is driven by research and not Wall Street hype.

Click Here - MarketFlex Portfolios - Investment Philosophy

Other Investment Service Options:

Automated Core Investment Platform Powered by Betterment 

You may choose us to invest in a basket of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) selected in an allocation that is based on your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. This service is powered by algorithms developed by Betterment, an unaffiliated money manager. Clear View Wealth Advisors, as your investment adviser, may also choose models prepared by other managers including Vanguard, Dimensional Fund Advisors, and BlackRock. This program option, commonly referred to as a robo- or digital advisor, provides investment selection, rebalancing, and tax-harvesting for individual or entity accounts only using ETFs. Advisor service fees are offered at a fixed-rate of 0.40%/year regardless of the amounts that may be invested plus the third-party fees of Betterment of 0.25%/year. 

The i-Monitor Investment Program Assistance for Self-Directed Investors

You may want guidance and recommendations on a periodic basis as well as analysis of the performance and risk metrics of your current portfolios. We will help you assess your risk tolerance, map an appropriate target asset allocation, and provide you with rebalancing or trading recommendations for you to implement on your preferred trading platforms. This may also be used for help with your employer-sponsored qualified plans and IRAs. This option may be combined with the Portfolio Lab Analysis service described under the WealthCare Financial Planning tab.