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Steven Stanganelli, Basic PLUS Author 

11/09/10:  Creating a Paycheck for Retirement: Retirement Income Planning – Part 1

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10/14/10:  Keeping Your Financial Wits When Breaking Up: 11 Critical Financial Mistakes to Avoid in Divorce

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11/04/2009:  Inflation and the Rising Tide:  Protecting Your Assets from the Storm

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09/28/2009:  Gone Phishing – Identity Theft & You

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03/10/2009:  Exchange Traded Funds – 8 Ways to Improve Your Portfolio with ETFs

03/03/2009:  Divorce – First Steps to a Fresh Start




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01/03/2018: Amesbury MA Financial Planner Earns Certified College Funding Specialist Designation

Steve Stanganelli CFP® of College Cash Pro accepted for Membership in the Association of Certified College Funding Specialists and Earns College Funding Designation

01/26/2016:  Amesbury Financial Planner Stanganelli Named Accredited Estate Planner

Amesbury Fee-Only Financial Planner Steve Stanganelli, CFP ® Awarded the Accredited Estate Planner ® Designation by the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils. 

01/03/2013: Essex County Financial Planner Offers New Service to Promote Personal Fiscal Fitness

Steve Stanganelli, CFP® of Clear View Wealth Advisors Announces WealthCare Tune-Up Program 

Clear View Wealth Advisors Announces WealthCare Tune-Up Program to provide affordable access to CFP Professional and financial planning services to eastern Massachusetts consumers. Online tools allow ongoing support to track financial fitness.

12/20/2012: Boston Area Financial Planner and Firm Commit to Aid Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Steve Stanganelli, CFP® of Clear View Wealth Advisors Pledges Financial Support of Non-Profit Advocacy Group, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence, in wake of Newtown Shootings

Steve Stanganelli, managing member of Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC, an independent investment advisory and financial planning firm, announced today that he and his firm will dedicate their community outreach efforts to help stem gun violence and donate a portion of client planning fees and 5% of firm profits to this cause. He also called on his peers to do the same.

12/07/2012: Amesbury Financial Planner Recognized for Service to Merrimack Valley Healthcare Community

Steve Stanganelli, CFP® of Clear View Wealth Advisors Awarded Preferred Provider Status for 2nd Year

Steve Stanganelli, CFP®, principal of Clear View Wealth Advisors has been recognized as an MD Preferred affiliated preferred financial advisor serving the physicians, dentists and allied health professionals in the Burlington, Methuen, Lawrence and Lowell, MA areas for the second year in a row.

As an MD Preferred Financial Advisor, Stanganelli and his fee only financial planning firm join a select group of service providers who have qualified for this recognition based on professional credentials and real world work experience with the medical community.

10/19/2010: Paladin Registry Awards Five Star Rating to Steven Stanganelli

Jack Waymire, president of the independent adviser rating service Paladin Registry, recently announced that fee-only adviser Steven Stanganelli, CFP® Amesbury, Massachusetts was awarded a Five-Star rating based on a review of quality, experience, business practices and ethics.  Waymire added that Steve Stanganelli is one of “only a small percentage of advisors” who achieve this rating. 

04/13/2010:  Baby Boomer Retirement Pros Offer New Free DIY Online Starter RoadMap with Dashboard and Tool Kit

The Baby Boomer financial planning specialists at Amesbury, MA-based Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC have teamed up with an industry-leading financial education program creator to provide free online tools for consumers to use to track their financial goal progress. 

05/28/2009:  Five-Star Advisor Elected to Estate Planning Top Post

The Merrimack Valley Estate Planning Council, a local council affiliated with the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils, announced the election of its officers.  Steve Stanganelli, CFP®, CRPC®, a board-certified financial planner and Paladin Registry rated advisor, was elected as president for the current one-year term. 

05/15/2009:  Stanganelli Completes Advanced Education on Self-Directed IRAs and Retirement Plans

Steve Stanganelli, a board-certified financial planning professional, recently completed an advanced education program for advising clients on using self-directed IRAs to diversify retirement savings in alternate investments, real estate and business. 

04/05/2009: Your Money ABCs TV Show Features Steve Stanganelli, CFP® on Estate Planning and ID Theft

Steve Stanganelli, CFP® is featured on the upcoming North Andover Community Access Cable TV show “Your Money ABCs with Attorney Ramsey Bahrawy” seen in more than 30 communities throughout the Merrimack Valley

03/30/2009:  Steve Stanganelli, CFP® Admitted to the Paladin Registry as Five-Star Advisor

Steve Stanganelli, a board-certified financial planner and retirement planning counselor, was recently notified of his 5-Star Status Renewal.