WealthCare Planning

WealthCare Planning

WealthCare Planning

The fee-only registered financial advisors of Tax Wealth Network and Clear View Wealth Advisors, LLC offer a range of fixed-fee financial planning options ranging from single-topic modules or strategy sessions through comprehensive multi-topic plans with ongoing advisor support. 

If you can describe your concerns and the kinds of advice or answers you're looking for from our team, you can reach out and we can explore your options and find the best way we can craft our services to best address your needs.

These are some examples of the types of planning modules available to you.

Strategy Sessions: Starting at $800

  • One or two multi-hour sessions with a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional
  • Topic areas may include employee-benefits review, insurance needs, Social Security claiming strategies, budgeting, stock options analysis, elder care, divorce, college funding, and investment risk

Modular Limited-Scope Planning: Starting at $800

You may choose this option if you want to focus on two or more specific areas for advice and do not want a more comprehensive plan nor ongoing support. The base fee is $800 for the first topic area plus $400 for each additional topic area. Unlimited advisor support for a one-year period may be added starting at an additional $600 per year.

Topic areas you may choose include:

  •  Cash and debt management
  •  Budgeting
  •  Insurance and risk management
  •  Estate plan guidance or review
  •  Education planning
  •  Retirement planning or income strategies
  •  Real Estate/Mortgage Analysis
  •  Tax planning for stock options or sale of highly appreciated assets

Portfolio Lab Analysis with On-Going Advice for "Held Away" Assets Managed by Clients: Starting at $600 (up to $250,000 of investment assets) - Call for higher asset levels

  • Risk profiling to determine your Risk Number
  • Identifying your investment allocation for various types of assets
  • Analysis of all holdings in your current portfolio (taxable and retirement)
  • Evaluate and recommend optional asset allocation for improved returns and/or lower volatility and risk of loss
  • Research on current and prospective investments
  • Personalized report with recommended changes mapped to your Risk Number with analysis of portfolio risk and performance metrics
  • Specific trading recommendations for you to implement on your trading platform
  • NOTE: Optional on-going analysis with recommendations and trading assistance for self-directed investors is available at an additional fixed rate based on a rate ranging from 0.10% to 0.20% of asset balance.

CLICK HERE for Sample Portfolio Lab Analysis

CLICK HERE for Sample Asset Map/Risk Profile

WealthCare Financial Wellness Checkup:


Ongoing support and maintenance of your plan starts at $1,600/year (or $1,800 if adding maintenance of your estate plan)

  • “Bumper- to- bumper” review of up to a dozen areas including insurance, taxes, estate, investment risk, and more
  • Answers to your most pressing questions, an understanding of the financial tools you already have, and ideas on what your next steps might be
  • A thorough assessment of your current situation's strengths and weaknesses along with a specific checklist of action steps to improve your situation

CLICK HERE for Sample FPAlpha Check-Up Report

WealthCare Signature Comprehensive Planning & Support: 


Ongoing support and maintenance of your plan starts at $2,250/year for updates to four (4) key topic areas of your plan and includes an updated WealthCare FPAlpha Check-Up Report

  • Includes the WealthCare Financial Wellness Checkup to identify financial strengths and weaknesses
  • Includes the Portfolio Lab Analysis with investment roadmap, recommendations and personalized asset allocation
  • Deep-dive analysis on your choice of multiple topics
  • Professional support to address ongoing issues or questions as well as support for implementation of recommended actions
  • Client households with income over $250,000 or net worth over $2M or complex scenarios will be provided with a quote that adds 0.50% of income or 0.20% of net worth on portions above the these limits
  • Planning topic areas available:
    • Investment
    • Tax Planning
    • Insurance and Risk Management
    • Debt, Credit, and Cash Flow/Budgeting
    • Estate Planning
    • Real Estate Analysis
    • Education Funding  

CLICK HERE for Sample Financial Plan

WealthCare Platinum Comprehensive Planning with Investment Management: 


  • This service combines the WealthCare Signature Planning Program with full discretionary advisor-directed investment management on a choice of custodian platforms and the TaxSmart Tax Plan & Prep Module for a simple fixed fee

WealthCare Values and Process Outline

Other Service Options:

  • We also offer other fixed-fee comprehensive bundled planning options with investment advice only. 
  • Other planning modules are available for those approaching or in divorce proceedings to help assess settlement, alimony, and support options. 
  • Planning modules also include optional but recommended planning maintenance with annual support. 
  • All planning options can be combined with tax preparation services as well.
  • Fixed-fee projects are based on income and net worth plus an administrative fee determined by the project selected. More information is available in the Firm Brochure - Item 5
  • Optional hourly rate options are available on a sliding scale with a minimum of three hours per project or subject item. The average professional hourly rate is $200.  

The Value of a Fiduciary as Your Financial Partner

Many people hesitate to call a professional financial planner because they are concerned about cost. This is certainly understandable given the many financial obligations we all have. But a better question might be this: What will it cost you to go without professional advice?

In the age of the Internet and DIY mentality, many are tempted to deal with personal finance issues on their own.

But you don’t know what you don’t know. We live in complex times and actions in one area have long-term consequences in other areas like taxes, retirement and credit.  Too often decisions are made that have far-reaching consequences – when to choose Social Security, how to structure a pension, and optimal ways to fund college, just to name a few. 

In my practice you get more than investment advice because there is more to financial planning than choosing investments. 

What you are paying for is access to a trained, certified, licensed, bonded, insured and experienced professional – one with more than twenty-five years of practical experience with advanced and specialized continuing education with access to multiple tools designed to provide you with the answers you need.

You receive objective advice not tied to the sale of any financial, insurance, or investment product.